Playing Online Slots and Pokies in Australia

When you think of Las Vegas slots - traditionally a coin operated device with a single lever that, when pulled, the drum rotates and shows a series of images or symbols when they stop - often comes to mind. You should know that slots are not unique to Las Vegas, nor even to the "real world". Online slots offer the same type of game and similar rates of payment, as real physical casino slots.

The advantage of course is that online slots allow you to play in the comfort, convenience and privacy of your own home.

All about Slots Casino

Casino slot games originated 120 years ago, when an entrepreneur from San Francisco invented the first of the "modern" slot machines. Liberty Bell had an arm that when pulled, caused the drums to rotate inside. When these stopped, three random images were displayed, and depending on which images they were, the machine would pay out anything from nothing at all when three different images appeared to fifty cents for three bells - quite a substantial sum back in 1890!

Today online slots and video slots, work in the same way. The only difference is that the complex mechanical components have been replaced with RNGs computer operating chips. There are also several variations, including adult slots for the more adventurous players.

Are online pokies really random?

Of course, when you go online to play casino slots, do you have any way of knowing that a certain website slots are not fully rigged? This is certainly a serious concern, and indeed there are gambling sites where the gamimg software is fully programmed to favor the house all the time.

The good news is that these unscrupulous websites are extremely rare, and since information is shared among online casino community members, this sites do not stay in business for long. A more common problem is that the sites are slow or refuse to pay out winnings to those who manage to win at online casino slots. Again, since reputation is everything these casino sites do not stay in business for a long time, simply because nobody is going to play there.

Finding Reputable Online Slots and Pokies in Australia

The best way to find online casino slot games and have a sporting chance to win and then get paid promptly is to attend one of the many forums for online casino players. Another way is to look at what kind of software is used for online slots - is it from a reputable, well-known company with a reputation to consider? The best online casinos also publish, external audits of payments that have been made by an external organization. Transparency and reputation are very helpful in finding good sites that offer online slots.